About WEC Nashville


It began with an idea, a dream, and 20 seconds of courage

Williams Entertainment and Consulting, or better known as, WEC Nashville, is the brainchild of our Founder, Jordan Williams and Co-Founder, Ryan Ball.


For so many years, Jordan learned how the hospitality industry works. From growing up in hotels that his mother ran, to working his way up in corporate restaurants that we’ve all enjoyed, he learned the ins-and-outs of the industry. After taking that experience and growing a local restaurant group’s revenue by 400% using these techniques, he then learned the distribution side (knowing there was more to his story). After being the number one salesperson for off-premise (at one of the largest distributors in the country) Jordan went on to launch a whiskey that caught the attention of the largest distributor in America. Using this experience, inside knowledge, and proficiency Jordan launched WEC Nashville to help craft brands and ‘mom-and-pop’ shops to be more successful. With this idea, dream, and desire to change the industry, Jordan shared the concept and future goals with people he felt could be real contributors to the idea and mission. In doing so, he created a close relationship with Kirk Wayne, who saw the vision and has a diverse background in sales, psychology, and relationships and, now, helps guide business momentum as the Chief Strategy Officer from his tenure in corporate America.


Once Kirk joined the team, Jordan realized the potential of this concept and decided it was time to go all in on this idea, and started to create the key partnerships and form the team that is responsible for the growth and success today!

After several months of research and development of WEC Nashville and exploring what does and does not work, we created partnerships with Drew Owens, our Chief Marketing Officer (created and sold a digital marketing company in his early 20’s).


Zack Register, our Chief Technology Officer, who oversees all technology development, flows, automation, and integration (and more).


Travis McVey, our Vice President of Veteran Affairs & Senior Business Development Analyst, who leads us in connections with veteran companies, key partnerships that align with businesses that are veteran based and is a key to our network and growth.


Ryan Ball, our Co-Founder & Vice President of Business Affairs, who is a key player in the daily operations of all verticals, growth, and success of the company. 

Overall, we have a diverse, experienced team that can lead on all fronts of business to ensure positive results and future growth amongst our verticals and with our partners!